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Message from John Murphy

"The illiterate of the twenty-first century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn."----Alvin Toffler

How the needs of 21st Century learners are being supported in Nose Creek Elementary School.

Society and schools have changed and there is no going back. As parents and educators we must be acutely aware of the challenges and gifts that the 21st century brings. Your children, our students, are global citizens and what happens internationally will affect them. Our students are wired into the world at large. Students will be bombarded with choices from an early age and must somehow comprehend the information presented to them.  The Internet and social media have brought an interactive world into our homes. Our children will work at jobs that have not yet been created. Welcome to our new culture, our new world.

So how is Nose Creek School preparing students for this future world? I invite you to discuss with your child the following initiatives that are presently in place at Nose Creek School.

Home Reading Program

Being able to decode and comprehend will play a vital role in any movement forward as a student and productive citizen. Our thousand leveled books in every classroom along with a teacher focus on reading will help propel our students to meeting and surpassing expected reading levels, that will in turn enable them to flourish as “21st century learners”.

G.R.O.W. (Growing Replenishes Our World)

This year’s grade four students will plant vegetables at one of our staff member’s farm. The next year’s grade four class harvests this vegetable garden. The vegetables are then donated to the local food bank and students work at the food bank every Thursday. This ensures students “get their hands dirty” by helping others in their community and to become aware of the need and distribution network in place to help others.

Virtues Program

Every day we work with students to help them become more aware of the world around them. Virtues are taught and positive actions rewarded with praise and recognition. The P.R.O. (People Helping Others) Awards are once a month and they culminate in a yearly Nose Creek Tradition of the Lamplighter Awards.


Nose Creek has a full time technologist on staff. Mrs. Pearce's credentials are outstanding, and her success and willingness to help staff and students is second to none. Nose Creek has three mobile laptop Mac labs that are used throughout the school. Each classroom has a Smartboard, each teacher has a laptop and students share class sets of digital cameras. Our building operates on a wireless network that supports the rising number of IPads being used. Students freely use technology to explore concepts such as local weather and the distant world. Each classroom is linked to the world at large. Creatively the sky is the limit as students are challenged to engage in many different kinds of exciting inquiry-based projects.

Innovator/Problem Solver/Critical Thinker

Typically a standard education required students to sit in front of a teacher and absorb information. The student was a “vessel” that the teacher poured knowledge into, until it was full. The information in our world remained fairly constant and students were taught certain unchanging fundamentals.  Today with the amount of technical information doubling every 72 hours we must teach how to find ways through this onslaught of information and how to use it in a useful and appropriate manner. The complexities of being plugged into an ever-changing world require our students to process information differently, and to become critical thinkers, collaborators, problem solvers and Innovators.

These are but a few of the programs designed to help our students develop their critical thinking skills. It is imperative that students understand today’s technology, science and culture. Perhaps the greatest skill for the future will be the ability to collaborate and problem solve. Teachers presently ensure students are exposed to problems that they can collectively work through. We do not know what society’s future problems may be, but whatever they are, they will require the creative and open minds of your children.

John Murphy


Nose Creek Elementary School

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