1B Social Studies

Social Studies



There are four units of study within the Grade 1 Social Curriculum.  Throughout these four units of study, students will: focus, explore, investigate, reflect and interpret.

Belonging in My World

Students will demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of how identity and self-esteem are enhanced by their sense of belonging in their world and how active members in a community contribute to the well being, growth, and vitality of their groups and communities. Students will learn to differentiate between rights and responsibilities of those in a community. Students will examine how they belong and are connected to their world, through focus of family, community, and groups.

Taking Part in a Community

Students will determine what makes their community thrive.  Students will examine how cooperation, responsibility, positive decision-making, citizenship, and caring for our environment all impact their community.

Looking at My World

Students will distinguish different geographic features in their own community from other communities. Students will work with and explore maps and globes, attending to landmarks, symbols, and urban and rural communities.

Changes in My World

Students will demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of how changes, due to events or people, have affected their families over time, and influenced how their families and communities are today.  Using the language past, present, and future students will be able to timeline events. Students will identify their traditions and celebrations, and explore Aboriginal history.

Social is assessed by: Oral and Written Informal Assessment, Observation, Group Work, Participation

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