Christina Cooper

Welcome to 3CC!

Hi, my name is Mrs. Cooper and I am very excited to be your grade 3 teacher! School is a dynamic place where students learn many things to help you reach their goals and live a successful life. My favorite thing about school is that when students work hard, try their best and are not afraid to experience new things, anything is possible! Grade three is a year where you will learn many new and exciting things. Here a few things about me!

I was born in Calgary and now live in Airdrie with my two boys, Jack and Levi, my husband Ryan, and my dog, Otis. Jack is grade 9 at Croxford and Levi is in grade 6 at Muriel Clayton. You can usually find out hanging out at our cabin in Montana or around the hockey rinks watching my boys play.

I have taught for about 18 years in Airdrie and this is my sixth year at Nose Creek teaching grade 3. I am thrilled to be starting another school year and I look forward to another exciting year with the students. As always, if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to phone or email me.


Mrs. Cooper

Phone: 403-945-1001




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