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Music with Mrs. Rudyk:Thursday and Friday

Physical Education: We will have physical education everyday with 3S in one of the following forms: gym, traverse/climbing wall, or outside activities.

Learning Commons/Story time with Mrs. Brinson: Monday mornings at 11:30


Students are supplied with all materials required to work at school. While it’s nice to have things like binders, gel pens, notebooks and markers, these items are unnecessary and result in extra desk clutter and parental expense. Specials items that are required for special projects will be requested through agenda messages. Recommended contributions that are not supplied include:

- 2 boxes of tissues

- pencil box

- headphones (non ear bud style)

-indoor running shoes


Students require two pairs of shoes: one for indoor use and the other for out of doors. We have daily physical education, so students must have appropriate running shoes at school every day. When the weather is appropriate, we may go outside for activities, so students need outdoor shoes that are appropriate for running and playing. In the winter months, it is essential for students to wear a hat, mitts, warm jacket, snow/splash pants and waterproof boots.



A child who eats nutritious meals at regular times does well at school. A complete breakfast is essential to your child’s well being. We have a mid-morning snack. Since only nutritious snacks are really beneficial, I will encourage those foods recommended in the Canada Food Guide as snacks. A piece of fruit, veggies, or cheese and crackers will foster good health. Please do not send candy to school. We will send uneaten foods home so parents are aware of what is and isn't being eaten.

As we are a “peanut aware” school, we ask that no known “nut” or “peanut” products come to school.


Children are allowed a water bottle (filled with water only) on the shelf above their coathooks. A water bottle with a flip or squirt top is recommended to avoid accidental spills. Children are free to drink from the water fountains throughout the school day during our break times. We will ask the students to take the water bottle home every night.



We will use the Nose Creek Elementary website to provide information and resources for families. The Internet will be used, as well as school supported software including Notebook software for the SMART board. The students will use the Chromebooks on a regular basis to represent their learning.  Refer to our school website on a regular basis for information and updates of how we are using technology.


All Electronic hand held devices are not allowed at school. This includes cell phones and hand held games. Please have your child keep these at home.



We will be using the school agenda to communicate back and forth between home and school. It will come home each evening.  Please sign the entry daily so that we know that you have read our message for the day as this is our only way of knowing that you have seen the message and received important information. Please feel free to communicate to us through the agenda, by email, phone, or dropping by the classroom after school.



There will be some special projects sent home throughout the year such as a Sound Proof container project. The following are three things, I ask you to do on a regular basis with your child:


Home Reading Program: At Nose Creek Elementary, our focus is reading. Each school night your child will bring home a book from our home reading collection, which is leveled specifically for your child’s independent reading and comprehension level. Practicing the skills and strategies they have been learning at school is such an important part of the “learn to read, love to read” process. It is expected that your child reads 20 minutes 5 nights a week.

Sight Words: Sight words are words we know instantly on sight without sounding out. Having a large sight base helps to improve our decoding, fluency, and comprehension skills. Students are expected to learn to read the sight words instantly. They do not need to practice to spell or write them.


Spelling Words: We have a new spelling list of words each week that the students practice in class.  The list is glued into their agendas so they can be practiced at home throughout the week and are ready for our weekly spelling test every Friday.  These spelling lists can also be found in the red Home Reading duo-tang.



We appreciate parent helpers and look forward to the opportunity to work with you. Please check for notices in the agenda for volunteer opportunities. Volunteers are also needed throughout the school.

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