Welcome to 2F

Dear 2F Families,

Welcome to 2F! I am looking forward to spending the year with you and your son/daughter. Some of you will recognize me as I was in Grade 4 last year. This summer, I spent a lot of time in the mountains hiking and biking with my husband and dog. When I’m not gardening at home, you can find me reading a good book and learning to play the guitar.


Throughout the year, regardless of the season, your son/daughter will need two pairs of shoes. A pair of indoor shoes suitable for P.E. is recommended as well as outdoor shoes. Due to the age of your son/daughter, Velcroed shoes are highly encouraged. If your son/daughter has laced-up shoes, s/he must be able to tie them unassisted.


We will be using an agenda regularly as this will be our main form of communication. Please have your son/daughter review his/her agenda with you. Could you kindly initial the agenda daily and check the front pouch for any additional forms that may be there?


In the classroom, water is the only beverage permitted and students are encouraged to keep a water bottle in the class. Please send one with a straw or spout in order to reduce spills in the classroom.


To stay on top of good hygiene, please send two boxes of Kleenex that can become part of the classroom supply.


Learning takes energy. We will have snack time every day. Please pack “easy-to-open” and nutritious snacks and lunches. Also, please note that we do not have microwaves. Reviewing with your son/daughter that eating their entire lunch is essential to learning throughout the day. In addition, we have a peanut allergy in our room and request that you stay away from peanuts and peanut butter. Donations of plastic forks and spoons are appreciated throughout the year for those who have forgotten to pack utensils in their lunch kits.


Students are supplied with materials for the classroom. There may be times where additional items may be needed for projects and this will be communicated through the agenda. Please make sure every item of clothing (coats, shoes, boots), water bottles, lunch bags and backpacks are all labeled with your son/daughter’s name. Can you please send (non-earbud style) headphones and a deck of playing cards with your son/daughter as well?


In the next few weeks, home reading will start. Please establish a routine of daily reading and basic math facts at home. In addition, students will be bringing home a levelled book so that s/he can work towards reading independently. Basic math facts will also accompany your son/daughter home as we go through the units. More information will be provided as we progress through the year.

At any time of the year, please feel free to contact me if you have questions/concerns about Grade 2F. Thank you in advance for your support. I am confident this will be a very successful and enjoyable journey in 2F!


Ms. June Fong, Grade 2F

Nose Creek Elementary School




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