Welcome to 4T

September 2, 2021

Dear Grade 4 NCE Families,

Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year at NCE and most importantly, welcome to 4th Grade!


SUPPLIES- Students are supplied with all materials required to work at school. Items that are required for special projects may be requested through agenda messages. Recommended contributions that are not supplied include:

  • 1 box of tissues

  • headphones (non-earbud style) in a zip lock bag labeled with the students name.

  • Small bottle of sanitizer for personal use is encouraged

    • Proper handwashing and sanitization will be encouraged

  • Old sock (clean) to be used as a whiteboard eraser


MASKS- Students that choose to wear a mask will be fully supported in the classroom.


CLOTHING -Students require two pairs of shoes: one for indoor use and the other for outside. We have daily physical education, so students must have appropriate running shoes at school every day. When weather allows, we may go outside for activities, so students need outdoor shoes that are suitable for running and playing. Please ensure that your child is able to independently put on and tie their own shoes. In the winter, it is essential for students to wear a hat, mitts, warm jacket, snow/splash pants and warm waterproof boots.


NUTRITION & WATER -We are a “peanut aware” school; we ask that no known “nut” or “peanut” products come to school. Our water fountains are operational, and there is a bottle filling station available and sink in our classroom. It is encouraged to have your child bring a water bottle to keep at their desk.  Bottles with a flip or squirt top are recommended to avoid accidental spills. Please ensure that your child is able to open and manage all of their own food items and containers.


ELECTRONICS -NO personal electronic devices are allowed at school, unless specifically requested, including cell phones and handheld games. Please have your child keep these at home. Students should not bring toys or other personal belongings from home, unless requested. This will ensure nothing important gets lost, broken or "traded".


BELL TIMES & DISMISSAL -Please check the NCE website for daily bell times, noting that Friday dismissal is different.


IMPORTANT -Please complete the online form here, to inform us whether your student takes the bus home (incl.bus number), walks, get picked up, etc. This link is the same as the one in the email this letter was attached to.


HOME-SCHOOL COMMUNICATION-We will be using the school agenda to communicate between home and school. It will come home every day. Please check the mail pouch, read the message and sign the entry daily, as this is our only way of knowing that you have seen the message and received important information. Please feel free to communicate with your child’s teacher via the agenda, email (matturner@rockyview.ab.ca ) or phone (403-945-1001).


Cheers to a great year ahead of us!

The Grade 4 Team,

Miss. Mackinnley Colgan

Mrs. Erin Quiring

Mr. Matt Turner

Ms. Olivia Nannan

Ms. Kristie Banack

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