Grade 2 Links

Have fun exploring these grade 2 websites. Scroll down or use the Contents box to the right.

Literacy Links

Starfall - This is a fun website to practice phonics.

Book Adventure Reading

Read, Write, Think - This website helps to build knowledge of word chunks.

Star Words - practice sight words by matching the correct word shape.

Spelling Cow - Practice spelling using word chunks.

Pigeon Presents - Author Mo Willems' fun and interactive site

Magnetic Poetry

Math Links

Tens Frames Games - This website has fun ways to explore with tens frames.

Tux Math - This is an interactive math program that you can download from the makers of Tux Paint!

Catch 10 - Enjoy this stacking game to get familiar with the power of 10!

Penguin Place Value - This is an interactive website that helps you to learn the magic of place value!

Johnnie's Math Page - This website has many activities related to many areas of the primary math curriculum.

Double Shutter - Have fun practicing your friendly facts.

Grade 2 Math Practise

Social Studies Links

Inuk site - explore life in the Arctic with Inuk

Trip to Kitigaaryuk - Enjoy this interactive site about a journey to Tuktoyaktuk


Science Links

Let's Talk About Insects - interactive and interesting!

Insect Hunt - can you determine which of the critters are insects?

Going Buggy - Magic School Bus facts and fun about bugs

Bug Buzz - Watch a video about Gaudy Grasshooper



Pest World for Kids

Harry's Big Adventure - interactive "bugopedia" and activities

Bug Gallery - a site with images of bugs and insects

Wonderful World of Insects - a general resource about insects.

Insect videos, images and interactive activities - You can also use this site to create a presentation about insects with great pictures.

National Geographic bugs




Search Engines for Kids

Kids Click


Ask Kids


Other Links

Dance Mat Typing - This is an exciting way to practice using the keyboard properly. Put your fingers on home row, your headphones on and away you go!

Alphabet Rain - A fun way for kids to learn where the letters and numbers are on the keyboard.

Tux Paint - This is a drawing program for kids. Be sure to download the stamps, too!

Tux Typing - Download this program for practice with keyboard skills.

Fun Brain - Interactive, for kids, by kids

Pumpkin carving on the computer


A Kid's Heart Christmas - holiday games

Snowball Bounce

Canada Post - Letter and Games

Winter Matching - this is a matching game



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