These are some of the leadership opportunities that the grade 4s are able to participate in.

Peer Helper jobs

Students work during their morning and afternoon recess to help out around the school. Some of the jobs that they participate in are: Playground support, recycling, morning announcements, gym equipment, playground equipment, and juice equipment. Students are responsible for finishing their jobs and reporting any difficulties to the appropriate person.

G.R.O.W. project

Gardens Replenishing Our World is a program that students in grade 4 to grow food for the Airdrie Food Bank. In the Fall the students go to Mrs. Dixon's farm to weed and harvest the crop from the previous year, which is in turn donated to the local food bank. In the Spring, the grade 4s go to the farm and plant for the following year. This year we harvested 50 bags of potatoes.

Food Bank

In conjunction with the GROW project students go once a year to help out for an afternoon at the Food Bank. It helps them gain an understanding of how the food at the food bank is dispersed to those in need. It also helps them gain a greater understanding of the importance of charitable acts. This is part of their grade 4 health curriculum in learning how to volunteer.

Intramural Helpers

Select students are chosen to help out with grade 2-4 intramurals. This occurs during their recess time and they help with setup, administering and the clean up. It includes such activities as floor hockey, soccer, cup stacking, lego, pillow polo, etc.

Me 2 We

Students get a chance to become involved in the global community with children helping other children. This has also inspired students to become more aware of the need in their local community (for example: Jacket Racket, Toys donated for local charities). Please see the link for me 2 we for more information.

Other leadership opportunities

The grade 4s are called upon to do other leadership duties. This includes jobs such as leaders in assemblies (greeters, holding doors, passing out information); Bus buddies (taking kindergarten students to the bus after school); Reading & sight word mentors for grade 2s; Earth day cleanup of Nose Creek Park; Collecting pull tabs from around the school.

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