NEW NCES Home Reading Approach

We are excited to share a new, very family-friendly approach to home reading, based on plentiful research and best practices, to support a keen love of reading as well as successful literacy abilities in our students.
NCES New Home Reading Approach
We have updated our home reading approach for families to support a few key goals - increasing participation, increasing fun and increasing flexibility!
File New Home Reading Approach - The Why & The How
If home reading has not been a consistent routine in your home, or if it associated with tricky times, disagreement and challenges with engaging your child/children in this important time, please check out this key info. Understand WHY a rich literacy home environment is key to supporting your child and HOW to make this a fun, enjoyable experience for ALL members of your family!
3R Reading Prompts for Home Reading Support
Here is a short list of comprehension prompts that involve 3 levels of comprehension - retell, relate, and reflect.
5 Finger Check
This is a method the children use to choose their "just right" reading level.
17 Reasons to Read with Our Children
Good Readers
These are reading behaviours that good readers use.
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