Overview of Achievements

It is exciting to be part of the Nose Creek School staff as they come together to discuss common language and implement common educational practices. The growth and formation of a successful school depends on strong pedagogy and a desire to help students reach their respective potential. Here at Nose Creek School we have a group of teachers that strive for excellence. They are dedicated professionals who are constantly training and challenging themselves to hone their craft. Workshops and conferences, professional learning days, staff meetings, relevant reading and discussion all help to develop our educators to better serve the needs of our students. We recognized early that the most important belief we have is that student need must be both the point of origin and the point of arrival for the decisions which are made at this school.

One aspect of our success has been in the area of promoting a safe and caring school where children are warmly welcomed by staff as they enter the building daily. Extra supervisors have been hired for supervision to promote safety. The school also hosts a Open House in September, Lamplighter assembly, student led conferences, monthly student staff challenges and various student leadership opportunities. There are also many presentations and workshops for children such as Trickster Theater, paid professional performers that entertain and promote positive messages to students. The school will also host story week in February where children will work with renowned authors and illustrators to improve their literacy skills. Here at Nose Creek, students come first but parents are also appreciated and welcomed.

A strong school council has emerged from our parents this year. With strong attendance at all meetings and a chairperson who keeps us on track, the school council is a very positive experience for all. A distinct group that works with school council is the fundraising committee. This financially motivated group has already raised over $17,000.00 this year alone for our playground. Without the time and energy of this group the playground that is being installed in the spring would not be possible. Parents are helping on all fronts and being a positive influence on this school. We see parents in the classroom assisting students and teachers, helping deliver extra programming such as the Fry Word list and being supportive by reading agendas, attending open houses, supporting the Home Reading Program and in general working with school staff to support students.

As our student population grows so does our staff. The school has hired an Assistant Principal and another Secretary. We have also hired a full time Technology Assistant, added a full time Library Clerk position and a Child Development Advisor position. Our student services model has been revamped and of course we add teachers as our population requires. It is an exciting time to be a student at Nose Creek Elementary school with the installment of Smart Boards, use of student laptops and the flourish of activities that are regularly presented to children. Here kids, parents and staff come together to create a wonderful learning community as seen in our recent student led Remembrance Day Celebration.

The formation of a dynamic school community does not happen overnight. As a Principal who has opened several schools I am aware that certain conditions and supports need to be in place for optimum growth to occur. This development is presently occurring at Nose Creek, remember we are not a replacement school that had an established school culture.  An identity is presently being built here and you as a parent are a welcomed part of it. Come learn with us. Help create a K-4 school second to none, after all the kids deserve it!

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