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Message from Ms. Martin

Quality education is a partnership between dedicated teachers, engaged students and involved parents within a culture of high expectations.

At Nose Creek Elementary School, we strive to meet both the academic and holistic learning needs of each child in our care.

While children come to school to learn reading, writing and arithmetic, we recognize that their learning needs aren't nearly so limited.  Our goal at Nose Creek Elementary School is twofold.

We carefully craft our instructional designs to teach students to be critically literate and numerate, by way of strong innovation and problem solving skills coupled with a healthy sense of wonder. Additionally, we strive to support our students to be kind, caring, compassionate and respectful individuals with high moral and ethical standards.  Taken together, this holistic vision of development supports our children in being and becoming resilient, caring and passionate lifelong learners and youth citizens in our community, and our world.

Home Reading Program

During our students' kindergarten to grade four years, they learn how to ascribe meeting to letters, words, and text.  Students first learn how to read and then read to learn even more.  Nose Creek Elementary School has extensive expert programming and reading materials for students at all ability levels and interest areas, found in our classroom libraries, literacy specialists' collection, and learning commons space.

Strong reading and writing skills support students across all content and subject areas, promoting critical thinking skills and access points to learning, as well as the necessary confidence to pursue their interests with strong literacy abilities.

Virtues Program

Like learning to walk, talk, read and write, learning to be virtuous - to be trustworthy, humble, kind, generous, respectful, and so forth - must be modeled, taught, practiced, and performed, in an ongoing cycle of continous improvement and refinement.  We recognize that children learn by trial and error and benefit from positive recognition and praise for their learning and appropriate choices.

To this end, our school has established a legacy of awards to formally recognize the efforts of students developing their virtues.  Our P.R.O. (People Respecting Others) Awards recognize students making exemplary efforts in this area each month. They culminate in a yearly Nose Creek tradition, the coveted and honoured Lamplighter Awards.


Nose Creek has an outstanding school technologist on our team as a key member of our staff. Mrs. Pearce's credentials are exemplary, and her success and willingness to help staff and students is second to none.

Our school has a wide variety of technologies and tools, including both hardware and software, to increase students' access to information and their ability to both communicate and to represent their learning in a variety of ways.  We continue to grow our technology resources on an ongoing basis, knowing that evolving these resources allows us to be ever-responsive to the rapidly growing technology industry and thus the learning needs of our students as we prepare them for the digial world to come.

Most importantly, beyond understanding how to operate our tools and programs, at NCES, we focus on supporting our students to grow into digital citizens with integrity and respect for online and virtual environments.


At Nose Creek Elementary, we recognize the transformative power of relationship at every level and in every way.  Whether that is between a child and his or her relationship with learning, between a student and their teacher, or between home and school, relationships truly matter. At the heart of each decision, action and interaction, children and their needs are at the center and remain our top priority.

In honour of our students, our goal is to bridge our students towards independence, self-direction, responsibiity, confidence, maturity and resiliency.  A gradual release of responsibility transitions to a gradual increase of independence for our students, fostered by safe and caring relationships and strong community.

In closing, we are honoured work in partnership with you, and to be entrusted with the care of your children as they achieve their potential at NCES.

Yours in education,

S. Martin


Nose Creek Elementary School

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