Real-Time Reporting @ NCES!

Our school will be moving to Real-Time Reporting this school year - families will have ongoing access to their child's progress throughout the school year. Check out key information below to learn more!

We are excited to be launching Real-Time Reporting (RTR) at our school this year.  This Rocky View Schools' Kindergarten to Grade 9 reporting initiative is in its third year of use in RVS, with schools gradually transitioning from traditional reporting methods involving 3 "snapshot in time" report cards each year to sharing ongoing, real-time assessment and evaluation information with parents.

Rather than having to wait 60 days to learn about your child's strengths and stretches as a learner, real-time reporting allows parents 24/7 ongoing access to their child's learning topics, progress, specific strengths and areas for further development.

RTR Parent Guide - Fall 2020 - Learn all about Real-Time Reporting, including why we are moving to RTR, how this helps parents know more about their student's progress, how this helps teachers to plan and teach more effectively, how to understand and navigate when reviewing RTR assignments, descriptions and achievement indicators, and more.

Navigating RTR on the PS Public/Parent Portal -K - 6 - This short "cheat sheet" of sorts carefully guides parents through the PowerSchool Public Portal sign up and access process, how to view your child's information and progress, and even how to review this information in a "report card" view of sorts.

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