Relaxed Entry

Hello Nose Creek Elementary School Families,

RE:  Relaxed Entry – 8:00am – 8:10am daily

We are very excited to welcome you back to school for the 2019/2020 year!  To best support our learners with a smooth transition to start each school day, students will no longer be required to line up when entering the school.

Students will be able to enter through their designated doors from 8:00am onwards, and proceed to their classroom, where teachers will be eager to greet them for the day’s learning and adventures ahead.

We are hopeful that this reduces congestion both outside and inside of the school, spreading the drop off window from an exact time to a 10 minute window of time.  We do respectfully ask that families do not arrive on school campus before 8:00am, as we do not have supervision before this time.  Please note that relaxed entry will begin on Wednesday September 4th, 2019, with teachers reviewing this routine change with their classes during the first day of school on Tuesday September 3rd, 2019.

Thank you for your support in the transition to our daily relaxed entry routine.

NCES Staff

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