Student Absence Choice Boards

Visit this page for key information about student absence learning tasks.

Key Information for Student Absence Learning Tasks:

  • This year, we recognize that students may have increased absenteeism due to possible exposure and/or symptoms related to COVID-19, in addition to other reasons for student absences, such as medical and dental appointments or non-COVID related illnesses.

  • The focus for these home learning activities to be used during student absences revolve around key literacy, numeracy and daily physical literacy activities; please note that these core learning tasks are encouraged but optional, depending on each family‚Äôs unique situation and reason for absence.

  • As a safety precaution, and because these tasks are designed to support and reinforce key learning, knowledge and skill building opportunities, students are NOT expected to bring any completed work done during an absence back to school, but are able to share with their teacher verbally about what they completed if they wish to do so.

  • Once students are well and able to return to school, teachers and learning assistants will support students as they to transition back to in-school learning tasks, investigations and projects.

Kindergarten Choice Board

Grade 1 Choice Board

Grade 2 Choice Board

Grade 3 Choice Board

Grade 4 Choice Board

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