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School Mission

The Nose Creek School Mission is to create a community of life-long learners where discovery happens in a safe, welcoming environment and all students are challenged to achieve their potential.

School Profile

Nose Creek Elementary School opened in August of 2006 within the confines of another school. In April of 2007 the present physical building opened and was inhabited by 192 students. The student population is rapidly rising and expected to exceed 600 students in the foreseeable future. Located in Southwest Airdrie, Alberta the school is surrounded by daily construction and the development of infrastructure needed to support a growing city. There are approximately 800 single family units to be developed around the school along with hundreds of apartments, town houses and condos. Each week and in some cases each day brings new families to the school from all over Alberta and the world.

Most of our Kindergarten to Grade Four students are bussed to school. Students bring a lunch and are supervised as they eat in their respective classrooms. We are a “nut aware school” and promote the safety of those who are allergic by asking nut products not be brought to school. After lunch students play on a six acre site that will hopefully have a physical playground installed this summer and a creative playground in the fall. Students also participate in an active music and intramural program. There are regular assemblies to showcase student abilities and achievements. The school is student centered and students are expected to play a major role in all proceedings as it is their school. One of the programs
that reflects this belief is “Food for Thought”. Operated and partially conceived by the grade four students this socially aware program sees four different grade four students work with the Airdrie Food Bank every Wednesday. This altruistic program is helping raise the collective school conscious of the Airdrie area through a hands on approach.

The intention of the staff is to build the best elementary school possible. Staff are involved in developing common programs and common language. Research of best teaching practice is common and expected.

Ideas are discussed in regular Instructional Leadership Team meetings where the staff help build the character and foundation of this school. Parents are also welcome and encouraged to join these discussions that affect the entire school community. There exists an active Parent Advisory Committee and a Fundraising Committee that is actively involved in the building and promotion of the school.
While the school has many programs Literacy has been deemed to be its focus. As a result of this we have an emphasis on our students being highly successful in this area.

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