Choir Information and Expecations

We are very excited to begin Senior Choir again this year.  Rehearsals will be held in the music room during lunch hour on Tuesday and Wednesday from 12:20-12:40.

We ask that parents discuss the expectations below with their children prior to returning commitment slips. Students will be given 2 weeks to try choir before deciding if they’d like to commit to it. We ask that once students have decided to make the commitment, they remain in choir for the duration of the year. Because we have limited time to rehearse, this will ensure that everyone has a chance to learn the music and feel confident about his or her singing! If students choose not to attend, or do not meet the expectations below, we will provide one warning and then students will be dismissed (again, due to our large volume and limited amount of time).

To ensure a successful year, the following expectations will be put in place for this extra –curricular activity.

1. All choir members bring a positive attitude and behave appropriately.

2. All choir members attend each rehearsal unless ill or absent.

3. All choir members will dress in choir uniform for performances.

Students do not need to wear uniforms for rehearsals, just performances. Please ensure that your child wears the following attire:

o Black pants or skirt with dark tights

o Black/dark shoes

o Red Shirt

Choir members are asked to complete the attached commitment form and have it signed by a parent/guardian. Please return the commitment slips as soon as possible.

We have a fantastic year planned and are looking forward to making music with all of you!

Upcoming Choir Events

Airdrie is hosting its second Rotary Festival of the Performing Arts to promote arts and culture within our community. Nose Creek’s Senior Choir has registered in the festival and will be performing two contrasting song selections. The dates will be confirmed closer to our performance time (March-April).

Choir Permission Forms

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