Homework - Grade 2

To help your child reach their fullest potential, we ask that you support them with the following three activities on a regular basis. Watch your child's agenda and click here for special projects that will occur during the year.

Home Reading

Home reading is an important partnership between home and school. Students are encouraged to read with a family member for about 15 minutes everyday. While reading, talking about the books is equally important. Please help make home reading an important part of your family's routine.

Students will bring home books at their independent (easy decoding, fluency, and comprehension) level to practice their skills and instill a love of reading.

Please ensure that you record every night that you read, even if you record the same book more than once. For example, if it takes 3 nights to read a book, record it three times or if you reread a book a second time, record it twice.

Click here for information about the focus and purpose behind the grade 2 program specifically. (Literacy Workshop on Tuesday, October 24th)

Click here for more information about our school wide home reading program and for some questions to discuss when reading with your child

Sight Words

Having an increased number of sight words helps to improve fluency and accuracy while reading. This in turn helps to improve comprehension of what is being read. Your child will be practicing sight words on an on-going basis throughout the year. Please look for further information in the agenda including starting dates. We will be working through the Fry Sight Word List which includes 3000 of the most common words printed in English.

If you are able to volunteer on a weekly basis to be our "Sight Word Parent", please let your child's teacher know!

Click here to access the Fry Sight Word List as well as other useful sight word tools.

Power of Ten

Power of Ten is a math program that helps students build number sense, visualize numbers, and show numbers in different ways. It also helps to improve our concept of place value (for example: 23 is 20 and 3 not 2 and 3).

Click on the links below to learn more about the Power of 10 program and games you can play with your child at home.

Games to help learn the cards

Friendly Fact Games

Games to help with basic facts

How Many Ways


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