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Home Reading

The Nose Creek Elementary expectation is that students will spend 20 minutes 5 days a week on home reading. This is charted differently in each class.


1. Do I need to listen to my child read in order to record the minutes or can they read to themselves?

Oral reading is important for beginning readers.  At Level M, your child is a fluent reader. At Level M and above, encourage your child to read silently and to keep track of their own minutes. To satisfy yourself that s/he has actually been reading, so that you may sign the reading log, check it this way:

Fiction: Tell me some things that happened in the story.

Non-fiction: Tell me some things you learned about … e.g. zoo animals.

2. Does my child need to read the leveled books from school or can they read other books and reading material (magazines, newspaper, etc.)?

Reading is reading. Children read more when they are interested in the subject. If they cannot find books that are of interest in the classroom or school library, choose others.

Click here for information about our school wide Home Reading program.

Sight Words

One component of the NCE Learn to Read, Love to Read literacy focus is that students develop a substantial sight word vocabulary (words they recognize easily) to assist them with reading. Quick and accurate word recognition improves fluency and assists comprehension. NCE uses the Fry Sight Word list, the 3000 most common words found in the English language. Each class records their sight words differently.

Click here for information about Sight Words at Nose Creek.

Click here for the complete Sight Word List.


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